Computer Science

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Core Java

(Basic Construct, Hands on Labs)

C & C++ & Data Stuctures

(Basic Logic Building, Majorly used Programming construct, Real Life Data Stucture Usages)

.NET Core using C#

(asp.net core mvc, web api core, sql server)




(Sql-Server)(Web API Core)(Angular)(IIS)

Microservice Development

(DDD, NoSQAL/Relational, Node-Express/Web API Core, Server/Cloud deployments)

New Monster: DataScience

(Basic Statistics, Python with MySql)

Generic: 20 hours prepatory module

(Anlytical Exercise; Break The puzzels; Developmeny Platforms Demonstrations: Use what and when)

Generic: 50 hours module

(Basic Building Block: OOPS; Anlytical Exercise; Problem Solving Skills: Real Life Business Use Case Centric; Break The puzzels)

Generic: 120 hours prepatory module

(Basic Building Block: OOPS, Data Structures; Anlytical Exercise; Problem Solving Skills: Real Life Business Use Case Centric; Break The puzzels)

  • ankita

    First of all I would like to thanks PinE Training Academy for shaping my future. I always wanted to go in core and this became possible because of PinE. PinE is the one institute where gap between industry requirement and our educational curriculum is filled. Here i learned several modules including analog designing, layout, scripting, digital, Verilog and along with technical skills, PinE also focuses on soft skill. If anyone wants to go in core than PinE is the best institute for this. I would like to thanks Vaibhav sir for introducing PinE to me and helping in making my career.

    Ankita Choudhry
    Cadence Design
  • vivek

    I have been with PinE Training Academy since last 2 years and my experience has been great and full of learning. Before joining PinE, I didn't have any hope of getting my dreams true or getting a good job in a good company. In college, race among students was to get a job in IT service providers but being as an ECE student I always wanted to get in core sector and It was not possible in college because core companies do not visit college and also college study was limited to books, theories, assignments and to get good marks in semesters. In my 3rd year I was trained on FPGA, Verilog HDL and digital design fundamentals. Also this was not easy as I was very weak in basics of digital, completely unaware of FPGA and Verilog HDL but continuous support of Vaibhav sir helped to get expertise in Verilog HDL and digital design. This was basic requirement to enter in core sector and I was confident now so I joined placement oriented course in ASIC VERIFICATION Domain which is 1 year program focuses on placements and includes C, C++, Data structures, Verilog, digital, system Verilog, UVM, Unix, bash, TCL/Tk, Perl. Here, all mentors are really supportive and dedicated towards students success and their bright future.

    Vivek Pandey
  • rishabh-pathak

    I would like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to PinE Training Academy for all support, teaching and mentorship. Being from electronics background, it’s always the dream of a student like me to get into a core company like Synopsys that too into such a core profile. Since second year I had a desire to work in VLSI field, but had no direction to follow. It’s when I met Vaibhav Sir, and he introduced and discussed the scopes and the opportunities which are available in the VLSI Domain. I was part of two years course in PinE Training Academy. During this two year we learnt Digital Verilog, Full Custom Layout, Analog, Unix, Bash, Tcl, Perl Scripting. The academy has a well defined curriculum and the mentors here are highly experienced. They are available to clear our doubts 24*7, what differentiates Pine is the availability and experience of mentors which are there for you all the time. In PinE you can get a chance to know what actual Vlsi is. Apart from it we also enjoyed and party together making it a great place to learn and have fun together. Thank You Vaibhav Sir and PinE Academy for all the teaching and efforts you put on me.

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