Hard Core Technical Workshop - 
8.5 Hours Live Session
With professionals from Industry

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6 months to learn FPGA's- Learn to build a project.
FPGA System Design 
Find FPGA Coder within you
in 6 Months
What it will cover:
  • System Designing using FPGA's.
  • ​Learning of tools and techniques with industry experts.
  • ​Building a real time project using FPGA's.
  • ​Placement assistance.
With this workshop, you will:
  • ​Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Aptitude and Puzzle.
  • ​HDL-VHDL & Verilog (RTL, Synthesis and STA).
  • ​FPGA Architecture and Implementation.
  • ​Embedded FPGA (ARM & RISC).
  • ​DSP FPGA (Signal Processing.
  • ​Implementation of Protocols and IP's on FPGA Boards.
  • ​Preparation of Written and One on One Interview round.
  • ​Build a Signal Processing based real project using FPGA's(DSP).
  • ​Porting of Linux on FPGA's(Embedded).
  • Implementation of interfaces like UART, KEYPAD, LCD, SSD, VGA, etc.
  • Specialization in FPGA's.
  • ​Live Interaction with FPGA’s Experts from Industry.
  • ​To start career in Core Electronics.
  • ​ Certified from Professional’s of FPGA’s Industry
Why FPGA Is so Important To Learn?
  • FPGA is used in most of the industries to develop product in:
  • Fastest Growing Hardware Programming Language
  • ​FPGA tops the list of the most in-demand Hardware Development Platform
  • FPGA developers make great money
  • ​Attractive opportunities in Indian market
Each day, we follow same theme as below:

  • Every week Written Test on each module
  • 30% Theory and 70% Practical Approach
  • Emphasis on Hardware Programming
  • Mock Interviews and Interaction with FPGA Engineers
What will be covered - Month wise
Know your Mentor & the Workshop
  • Mode of Learning - Both Offline & Online.
  • Prior knowledge of Digital is required.

Who will deliver?
Expert From Industry

Vaibhava Mishra has over 16 years of technical and management experience in the semiconductor (FPGA) industry as Application Engineer. He has worked on Xilinx and Altera platforms. He holds B-Tech in electronics and communication from Northern India Engineering College, Lucknow. He has also done Advanced Post Graduation diploma in VLSI designs from VEDANT, Mohali (Chandigarh).

Apurv K Singh has experience of over 20 years in design & development of hardware systems, FPGA and Telecom products. He holds M.Tech degree from IIT Delhi in Electronics. He has extensively worked on FPGA development meant for high end systems particularly related to telecom & networking and has wide experience working on Xilinx and Mentor Platforms.

Raj kumar has 16 years of experience in embedded design and development on 8/16/32 bit platform and Architecture. 10 years on c and 2 years development using c, win32 c. Experience include device driver deployment on Linux, kernel level programming on Linux, cross tool chain for board, also worked on wince 5.0 for stream device driver. Worked on Zigbee stack in wireless domain for 2.4 GHz as ism band, Worked on contiki OS (Linux OS ) cross tool chain and application for CC2530 SOC from TI, besides above worked various microcontroller with real time OS like uCOS-ii, rtx tiny, wince 5.0 with platform builder, measuring instrument for weight, voltage, current and power Firearm based system. During this long duration of experience he had handle project independently as well as in team. His role also in writing software as well as firmware part. Handling Embedded SW & HW and Management @ PINE

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What Our Students have to say about us

This six month training is more hands-on practical lab to make you understand that how you can create a live project using HDL- Verilog, VHDL, C and Matlab Simulink and publish the same on GitHub. We will demonstrate many other things which can help building your profile stronger. Who will deliver?  

- Technical Expert and Professional From Industry

Important Instructions:
  • ​Be ready to Un-Learn.
  • ​This will be an hard core TECHNICAL and in-depth LIVE session. Sit in a quiet place to learn.
  • BLOCK 8 To 10 hours each day as per the schedule provided.
  • BYOL - Bring Your Own Laptop. Being pure technical 70% practical session, you must have laptop with good internet connection to experience the process.
  • GET CLARITY - Ask questions at the end of the session to get all points clarified.
  • GET certified - from PinE Training Academy just through a quick assessment after completion of each module.

Please be advised that this session is a hard core technical workshop for two days where you need to implement things on your laptop. More than 80% practical exposure. 

Post successful completion, you will be awarded a certification from Jump Academy.

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